Below are testimonials from customers that have used TheFinanceResource.com templates in conjunction with their capital raising needs.


“I just really wanted to thank you for temple you provided us with for the acupuncture business plan. I am happy to report I just secured funding to purchase a piece of commercial property in my hometown!

I can't say enough about the layout of the plan - the word document, the spreadsheets...and the inclusion of the acupuncture information was excellent.  YOUR plan saved me TIME and MONEY!

The capability to send the files electronically also made the entire loan process that much easier. I was able to complete my plan in one weekend, and the bankers approved my loan in less than 1 week.



John F. – South Carolina


“I purchased this business plan from you. I was able to get my loan, and I'm taking over a tanning salon Dec. 1st. I strongly believe it was because of your business plan template that made it possible. Thank you very much.”


Tammy M. – Michigan


“We were able to successfully secure our SBA loan within a month after using your business plan template. It saved my wife and I weeks of work. Thank you very much.”


Reginald C. – Florida


“Hello. I just wanted to let you know that we were able to obtain a real estate line of credit to complete property rehabilitations. The bank approved us for a $250,000 line of credit. The plan was highly informative, easy to use, and up to date.”


Peter N. – California


“You made my dream come true. The information you provided in the restaurant business plan template was exactly what the bank was wanted. We are getting our loan disbursement next week!”


Michael D. – Texas


“My firm was looking for a business plan to use as a roadmap for the expansion of our vending machine business. The research in your plan was perfect as was the economic analysis. It helped us tremendously.”


Simon L. – California

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