What comes with my business plan purchase?

You will receive an MS Word Business Plan, a 3 Year MS Excel Financial Model, and a PDF of the business plan file. The MS Word Business Plan features fully automated financials, a fully automated table of contents, and complete industry research. You will also receive a PowerPoint Presentation for Banks, Investors, or Granting Institutions.

Does the business plan meet the standards set forth by the Small Business Administration?

Yes. Each purchased business plan has full industry research, three year financials with monthly profit and loss statements and cash flow statements for the first year (years 2 and 3 are quarterly), balance sheets, breakeven analysis, and asset/equity ratios.

Can I use the business plan for a loan or for a private investment?

You can use TheFinanceResource.com's completed business plans for either method of raising capital. The financials can be presented appropriately to a bank or an investor.

How is the business plan delivered?

Upon ordering a business plan or our venture capital directory, we will immediately email you a zip file containing the business plan or venture capital directory files.

How much of the business plan can I customize?

The entire business plan is customizable. The plan is delivered in MS Word and MS Excel format.

Once I have created my business plan, what is the next step?

A business plan is a complex document, and TheFinanceResource.com strongly suggests that a certified public account (CPA) review the business plan before you submit it to a bank, financial institution, or investor. If you are seeking to raise capital from private investors, you should consult an attorney within your area to ensure that you comply with all applicable federal and state securities laws.

Can I order more than one business plan?

Absolutely. However, you will need to order each one individually.

Is it still possible to get a mortgage or business loan in today’s economic climate?

Yes, and we encourage you to browse our articles regarding mortgages, business loans, and other issues that the economy is currently undergoing.

I have a few other questions, how can I contact TheFinanceResource.com?


You can feel free to email us at anytime at info@TheFinanceResource.com or by visiting our Contact Us page.



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