Business Investors

In this discussion, we are going to continue our discussions as it pertains to for business investors. When looking for business investors, you're going to find that one of the most common difficulties that you're going to have is that all finding is a suitable investor that wants to work with your small business is difficult, but you are going to also have negotiating issues with the individual groups of individuals that are looking can make an investment into your firm. When you are looking for business investors, it is important to decide the demographic profile of the specific type of investor that you want for your business. A common mistake among many entrepreneurs that are seeking capital for with any potential individual that is willing to put up a certain amount of money in exchange for an equity interest in your business is that too much is provided to a potential business investor. As such, similarly as you have developed a demographic profile for the customers that we by using your business on an ongoing basis you should also developed a profile of, again, the individual that you affirm that you want to work with your company as it pertains to the investment that you need in order expanded business. One of the common things you should ask yourself when determining the type of business investor that you're looking for is whether or not this individual wants to have a passive and let investment for whether they want to be an active part of your company.


When looking for business investors, there are a number of different resources that you can use that will assist you in finding the angel investor capital or general business capital that you seeking to effectively expand a board develop new business. One of the most interesting ways that you can find business investors for your new company or your existing company is by directly in becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. There are a number of individuals are that have available capital for promising new enterprises while concurrently continuing to work with you in regards to providing you with a capital that you need. We strongly recommend that if you are going to enroll in a local Chamber of Commerce as it pertains to your capital raising needs then you should have a properly prepared business plan that you can present to a potential business investor prior to contacting them or all of them directly. If you are able to do so, it is more likely that you'll be able to find a suitable investor quickly so you can launch the operations of your business. Again, one things you should also have prior to starting the capital raising process or prior to looking for business investors is that you should have a certified public accountant as well as an attorney in place that can assist you with the ongoing negotiations and legal formalities that are necessary when walking with a angel investor or business investor. This, of course, that is actually important, as time progresses, and as you work with business investors the one make sure that all the contingencies that you may face as you progress in your operations are properly dealt with by the time that you sell a equity interest in your business to a third party. This will ensure that if there is any issue in the future that any contractual obligations that you have not met will be well known to the business investor. By addressing these issues appropriately and quickly in a fashion I that have been spelled out by an appropriately drafted contract you will save yourself a tremendous amount of headache.


Other ways that people engage in when looking for business investors is to go online. This has become a very unique and new source of capital for many people that are looking to launch new businesses. This is primarily due to the fact that a number of angel investors as well as angel investor groups have launched websites that specifically targets businesses that have unique concepts for our economically viable and are in need of capital. As such, it may be beneficial for you to take a look on a number of varying websites out there that can assist you in raising capital or directly providing the capital. has recently launched a new business venture where we have developed a number of relationships with lenders and investors across the country that you can use to present your idea of in your business plan to third parties. We also recommend they take a look at this new program and we certainly will answer any questions as it pertains to looking for business investors are more than happy to answer these questions for you in a very timely manner. However, at with any program that is available on the Internet that seeks to provide your business with investment capital you should be wary, from time to time, of certain websites that promise a lot in and take large fees on an ongoing basis without appropriately delivering results that you're looking for. One of the ways you can quickly determine whether or not an angel investor portal is a legitimate source of funding for your new business for existing company used to double-check their references and reviews across the Internet. Anytime that you conduct business within Internet, we strongly recommend that you make sure they are legitimate business and are able to provide you with the services that you need on an ongoing basis as it pertains to your business planning needs, your capital raising needs, looking for business investors, looking for angel investors, or securing other types of financing the your company is looking for in order to effectively expand its operations. In doing so, you'll have much better experience as it pertains to looking for the capital you need from third parties.


It is absolutely worth the time it takes to when looking for business investors and you anticipate that it can take up to 12 months to secure the appropriate capital you need in order to finance your new business for you and company. This is primarily due the fact that when you are looking for business investors you first need to find an investor that you like, and it is willing to make the appropriate investment on terms that are favorable to you and your business. As such, in addition to having a very well developed business plan, we also recommend that you have a well developed capital raising plans that completely spell out your most ideal terms as it relates to get receiving funding for your business. If you able to do this effectively, you will save yourself a tremendous amount of headache and heartache as it pertains to capital raising process. One of the , best things you can do as it relates to looking for business in that service is to work directly with your certified public accountant or other business consultants as it relates to these capital raising activities that you're seeking to engage. This is primarily due the fact that not only will these individuals be able to provide you with the advice that you need, as it relates to capital raising, but they will also be able to effectively introduce you to potential business investors that you can discuss the needs of your business as it relates to the expansion or development of your company.


You must also remember as you progress through the capital raising process and as you are looking for business investors, it's important not to become disheartened as you go through this process. As we said before, this process can take up to 12 months in order to effectively engage on it as it relates to getting the business investor financing that you need for your new business development, your new business venture, or your existing businesses that seeking to grow substantially over a five-year timeframe. Although the offers business plan templates that offer a three-year financial model, we strongly recommend that if you are actively engaged in the business of looking for capital that develop a five-year business plan while providing anticipated five year financial results can be investor. If you are unable to appropriate appropriately develop a three year financial plan or five year financial plan, we strongly recommend that you work with a certified public accountant, an attorney, a business consultant that can actively assist you in the appropriate development of your business plan to showcase to a potential angel investor or network of business investors.


You should be aware about aware of, as it pertains to looking for business investors, is that you may need to have a private placement memorandum drafted in order to for you to legally pitch your investment idea for your business idea to a third-party. This is primarily due the fact based on Securities and Exchange Commission rules as well as state security's commission rules as it pertains to raising capital from third parties on a private basis. You cannot simply put out an advertisement that you are looking for capital from a third party. For instance, if you're looking for business investors - you cannot take out a classified ad stating that you are in need of capital and are willing to sell a certain percentage of your business to a third party in exchange for a certain amount of capital. There are very well defined and very enforced rules as it relates to obtaining investment within the United States and can't currently among the 50 states that maintain their own individual securities commissions. In regards to the private place memorandum, as it pertains to looking for business investors, only in a qualified attorney that has experience in the field of securities can make the appropriate determination as to whether or not your business needs highly specific document in order to effectively raise capital. Again, we strongly recommend that you do speak to a qualified attorney that can provide you with the appropriate devices that as you progress through your capital raising activities, and when looking for business investors, that you remain within the letter of the law as it pertains to selling an interest in your business or raising debt capital from private parties for your business. Time and time again, we've seen a number of our clients fall into traps as a relates to not having the appropriate legal counsel to place and have ultimately ended up having issues as it has related to capital raising activities from private business investors. If all the appropriate documentation is in place, as it pertains to looking for business investors, then you will be in a much better situation as you seek out the capital that you need in order to effectively expand and grow your business.


For business investors, you also need to determine how much of your business that you're willing to sell in order to receive the capital that you need for your business expansion or business development. As we've discussed in some of our previous articles, you can anticipate that depending on the current state of your business affairs that selling 20% to 80% of your business to a third party. This may be a very appropriate methodology in quickly raising capital you need in order to launch or expand your business operations. Additionally, one of the things that we've also mentioned is that if your business is operational, profitable, and producing a positive cash flow to be a much better position to negotiate a smaller at resale of your business as it relates to obtaining capital. Primarily this is due, again, to the fact that if your business is already operational and profitable the options as it pertains to raising capital are much greater to you on that if you are a start up business that has no operational history. As such, we recommend that if you are able to launch business operations on your own that you do so in that you will be able to raise capital a much easier capacity as time progresses. This, of course, speaks again to the valuation of your business when a potential business investor is looking your company as a potential investment for their portfolio. As such, again, having in operational business that is generating income is worth far more than simply a business concept or idea that could potentially become profitable in the future.


Returning to our discussion regarding look looking for business investors, we recommend that you focus on a number of different methodologies that you can use in order to attract the potential investment that you're seeking. Again, this includes registering your business with the your local Chamber of Commerce, searching online among the number of different directories that are out there that assist individuals with raising capital for small businesses, as well as contacting small business investment companies that are licensed by the Small Business Administration so that you can potentially receive an equity investment that is backed up by a venture capital group that functions in a similar capacity to that as a small business investor or angel investor. We encourage you to take a look at all the options are available to you before deciding as to which method of raising capital and the type of capital that you need is most appropriate to you. Again, receiving advice from your certified public accountant as it pertains to the type of capital that is best for your business is absolutely imperative before you begin the process of looking for business investors. If you are already an existing business, there may be a number of programs available to you to receive debt capital for your business which will allow you to maintain complete ownership of your company will simply making a monthly loan payment to a bank or financial search engine that specializes in assisting established businesses with expansion. Not all instances of business growth require that you look for business investors. This is especially true if you have been in business for more than three years. If you have been in business for a period longer than three years then you may be in excellent position to receive a traditional bank loans for SBA backed bank loan of having to sell a negotiable equity interest in your business. Primarily, it is true to the fact that banks are very willing to lend to established companies that do have operating history that exceeds three years. This is typically the standard that, especially in today's economic climate, as it pertains to business investment through loan capital rather than seeking equity capital from a business investor.


In conclusion, the main points of our continued discussion,  as a relates to looking for business investors or angel investment, is that you should thoroughly develop a specialized plan as it relates to your specific capital raising activities. You should look at your existing concept, existing business, for specialized nature of the business that little value to appropriately attract the investment capital or debt capital that you're seeking from any business investor for a from a bank if you appropriately qualify for a loan. Additionally, and again we cannot stress this enough, is that you have all the appropriate counseling place including a certified public accountant as well as an attorney that is well versed on securities laws as long as you progress through your capital raising activities and as you are looking for business investors. has made available a number of different tools that you can purchase from a website that will assist you in this process, but again, it is imperative that you seek the appropriate advisors that will forward your capital raising activities as time progresses.